1977 Toyota Celica Weathertech® Cargo Liners

Weathertech Cargo Liners

WeatherTech® cargo liners for 1977 Toyota Celica are traditionally made of high-traction polyethylene or rubberized material, which provides a no-slip and durable flooring in order to protect the cargo area, preventing dents and scratches that cargoes may otherwise inflict on the flooring. The rubber finishes of the Toyota Celica cargo liners are additionally outfitted with a network of ridges that serves as a conduit for water spillage. This serrated rubber surface provides a conduit for fluid flow in the event that a spillage occurs, preventing the water to seep onto the car floor and corrode its metal surface.

WeatherTech® cargo liner is like a custom shield specially designed to protect your vehicle's cargo area. Just place it in the rear of your vehicle and see the protection it offers. Weathertech® uses for the exact shapes of 1977 Toyota Celica cargo area when crafting their custom cargo liners. Each relies on this molded fit to stay in place, no matter how much jostling is going on in your ride. For those who are especially particular about their vehicle's appearance, countless designs, colors, and styles with different specifications are available.

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Weathertech Cargo Liners

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