2005 Buick Rendezvous Weatherteth® Floor Liners

Weathertech Floor Liners

2005 Buick Rendezvous Floor Liners by WeatherTech® offer maximum protection for your car's carpet area. WeatherTech® Floor liners securely fasten themselves to the carpets of the vehicle. They keep the car interior environs looking like new. The liners are durable and flexible, even under hard weather conditions. The liners are made to custom-fit your of your Buick Rendezvous and provide great value for your money. Whether you have kids, take your pet for a ride, eat your meals behind the wheel or love to spend your weekend with your off road truck, floor liners will provide a comfortable ride and fresh new looking car interiors.

All WeatherTech floor liners are made from the most durable materials: top of the class natural rubber and synthetics. These materials ensure that the floor liners can take the dirt and friction and protect the floors more effectively. Additionally, floor liners by WeatherTech have raised edges, ensuring that it contains dirt and spilled liquid and keeps it away from your harder to clean Buick Rendezvous floor. These carpet protectors are water proof so it doesn’t stain like car floors do. Aside from that, WeatherTech floor liners have skid-proof ridges that prevent it from sliding out of place. And if ever they do become a tad too dirty for your taste, clean up is no problem. Just take it out, wash it, dry, and put it back.

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