2010 Ford F-450 Nifty® Floor Mats

Nifty Floor Mats

2010 Ford F-450 Nifty floor mats are a pinnacle of the vehicle’s floor protection that are custom-molded and designed for a perfect fit. They feature a molded lip around the entire perimeter of the mat that will contain any dirt or debris that your shoes/boots may track in. Nifty Catch-All PlusTM liners feature a patented, one-piece design for the ultimate carpet coverage protecting the driver, passenger and center area. Made of XynetTM - a custom-molded thermoplastic material Catch-All Xtreme floor mats by Nifty is a serious floor protection for extreme conditions.

Nifty Catch-It series floor liners are your source for premium floor protection and carpet replacements that looks great. Nifty car mats are chemically treated to be stain resistant and come in colors that closely match most factory carpet colors. Ford F-450 car floor mats by Nifty come with a lifetime warranty and feature a rugged anchoring system that holds them firmly in place. The Xtreme Catch-All Floor Mats made by Nifty are a wonderful product. Like its brother, the Catch-All carpeted floor mat, these are custom molded to fit your interior. But instead of being carpeted, these are made from a material called Xynet and have an easily cleaned, non-skid textured surface.

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Nifty Car Floor Mats

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