2010 Ford F-450 Weathertech® Floor Mats

Weathertech Floor Mats

Weathertech mats for 2010 Ford F-450 are made by the original equipment provider of General Motors and other leading European car manufacturers. WeatherTech® floor mats are constructed of high-quality rubberized thermo-plastic and other durable materials to protect your floorboards from the damage that often results from everyday wear and tear. These mats are computer-designed to your Ford F-450, ensuring a precise fit without covering up your floor controls. Get durable rubber protection that traps dirt, mud and moisture with WeatherTech's all-weather Floor Mats.

Made thick with a specially ridged underside, WeatherTech Floor Mats provide an impenetrable barrier that's designed to stay put. The soft rubber top treads offer excellent traction for driving without wrecking your shoes. A tall outer ridge keeps dirt from sliding out onto your carpet. Crafted in the US from high-density tri-extruded (HDTE) semi-flexible material, the design available through WeatherTech mats includes multi-level channels that direct debris and fluids away from your feet, and a deep reservoir that neatly contains the crud below the raised ridges to provide safe, sure footing.

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Weathertech Car Floor Mats

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