Lloyd Mats

Lloyd Mats is the largest U.S. custom floor mats manufacturer, producing their accessories almost for "all model". After four years since its foundation Lloyd began making custom floor mats and now they are currently the primer product manufactured and sold. Lloyd is housed in a huge car floor mats producing plant in Los Angeles, California. Mat designs and patterns are stored and cut using the most advanced AutoCAD controlled and ultrasonic cutting equipment. Lloyd offers a pattern for every single make and model for cars, trucks or van sold in the US. Lloyd's mats are finished with a color coordinated, nylon velour or vinyl mat edging. Lloyd is constantly developing their embroidery computer programs and the actual mat embroidery at their plant.

Lloyd is a headliner for many innovations and developments that have become industry standards. Here is the list of innovations implemented by Lloyd:

Car Floor Mat Types


Protector Mats

Luxe Mats

Semi-Custom Mats

Rubbertite Mats

Truberber Mats

Floor Mats