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A common misconceptions city drivers have is that they don’t need to concern about protecting their vehicles from unexpected damage. Nevertheless, not only driving in extreme conditions may cost you time and money. Such casual things as a cup of coffee spilled on the floor or an ice-cream dropped by a child may spoil the vehicle’s interior right on your way to the office or supermarket. Luckily, nowadays the automotive aftermarket offers plenty of solutions, and Husky Liners floor mats are one of them.

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Husky liners floor mats cover the vehicle’s carpeted floor and protect it from any possible damage. Being vehicle-specific, they ensure precise fit and easy installation. Indeed, ease of installation is one of the significant features of Husky Liners floor mats and cargo liners. They can be easily attached to original floor carpeting using special nibs on the backside of each liner. It means that no additional fasteners and mounts are needed.

If you are passionate about hunting, fishing, or any other outdoor activities, you don’t want all this mud that sticks to your boots to layer on a floor carpeting. So, Husky Liners protection floor mats are exactly what you need to keep your car’s interior clean. They are designed to last in extreme weather conditions and environments. They come in 4 different styles, including Classic, Heavy Duty, X-Act, and Weather Beater floor mats.

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Floor Mats Washing

Husky Liners floor mats are made from a washable thermoplastic material and have a unique pattern that efficiently holds liquid, dirt or debris. And when it gets dirty, cleaning won’t take much time.

Unlike carpet floor liners, Husky Liners floor mats are extremely durable and can withstand numerous cleanups without being torn or loosing their shape. There are several ways to clean Husky Liners mats.

Floor mat wash

Thanks to its rubberized surface, mud, dust, and debris don’t stick to the liner and can be easily wiped off by a wet cloth or brush and a bit of any car wash shampoo or soap. Though you shouldn’t use too rough brush as it may damage non-slip coating every Husky Liners mat has. Also you can use a garden hose to spray out dirt. Once your floor mat is clean, let it dry before putting it back to the vehicle.

Husky Liners store

So if you consider buying a Husky Liner floor mat for your vehicle, check out a Husky Liners page at They offer a large array of floor liners for almost every vehicle. Detailed pictures make it easy to choose a floor mat that will suit your vehicle’s interior perfectly.

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