Lloyd Mats

Whether you buy your car for its looks or for its power, as a driver you need to feel comfortable and relaxed behind the wheel. Most people, when buying a new car, are concerned about keeping it as clean and unscratched as possible on the outside and on the inside. So how can you do that with the floor? You need to drive your car in all kind of weather and this means you'll get your feet dirty with dust, mud or snow at some point. So the question is: what type of floor mats should you use to keep your car clean and dry? The answer to that is in fact very simple: Lloyd custom floor mats. The reason this brand of mats is definitely a great choice for your car is that it has a long history in this area, over 30 years of experience and its owners have learned how to make the best products for their clients. Lloyd Mats are waterproof, easy to clean and come in so many varieties that will match any car model. They usually have a license for most brands, but if your car does not find itself in their list, have no worries, Lloyd Mats Company will offer you a large variety of choices. Another very appealing thing about them is their impeccable customer service. With this company you'll never feel anything less than the most important person in the world.

Lloyd Mats Luxe Mats

Lloyd Mats Luxe Mats The top choice for the really exigent clients is the Lloyd Mats Luxe Mats. There are really two things that luxury clients demand when they want to buy floor mats. One is to protect their car's original material and the second is to feel really comfortable and proud of their floor mats. So Lloyd Mats thought of both these requirements and designed mats so thick and soft that you'll feel the need to drive barefooted. They are the heaviest mats on the market, weighting 48 ounces per yard. The quality of the mats, however, does not cover only the beauty and comfort areas. These are very solid, waterproof, non stainable materials that will not give you any anxiety even with a toddler in the car. In fact, some car lovers change their original floor mats from the beginning in order to protect them and use Lloyd Mats that are equally if not better and withstand much more than the originals. You'll hear less noise and have your feet protected from excessive heat since the Lloyd Luxe Mats isolate very well. To certify this quality, the manufacturer is offering an amazing warranty which covers any amount of time in which the car remains to the original owner.

Lloyd Mats Ultimats

Lloyd Mats Ultimats One of the most popular Lloyd Mats, the Ultimats has been the first product of the company. Even now, with so many other choices, they dominate the market through quality and variety. The Ultimats have been the first to present a non-skid back, helping car owners with the permanent concern that their mats won't stay in their place. They now offer a "tractionback" non-slip rubber backing that will make sure to "glue" the mats to the floor. Lloyd Mats Company is making sure that your Ultimats are the exact fit for your car model, so they'll customize the product till the last uncovered space is safe and protected. Also, over fifty different colors will match any combination you may have in mind, giving you the freedom of experimenting with emblem designs. They are usually thicker than the factory mats and wider, but offer a great protection from humidity, protecting the interior of your car like no other with its modern latex coating. There are some special features like its two ply nylon yarn that make the texture of the mats more dense and flexible, reducing the possibility of seeing the product disintegrate after a couple of years of use. In fact, most buyers say the Ultimates are so durable that they exceed their five years warranty and maintain their qualities even in harsh environments.

Lloyd Mats Heavy Plush

Lloyd Mats Heavy Plush Lloyd Mats Heavy Plush is designed to be the glove of your car's floor. These mats fit better than the custom floor mats and cover more space leaving little to the mercy of dust and spilled drinks. Being cheaper than other Lloyd Mats products, they come in a six carpet colors variety, but the manufacturers tried its best to make sure that most car models are covered. Although, if you don't find a model of your liking, you may want to try another Lloyd Mats' product, but if your main concern is practicality with the right quality, the heavy plush mats are a great choice. You may also like to know that this type of mats is also very heavy, by comparison with the custom factory type, since it has 40 ounces of propylene yarn sewn in each yard of fabric. The heavy plush mats are very resistant to a lot of staining sources as food stains, mud and other soiling substances. They also have very good water impermeability so you won't need to worry about getting in your car if it's raining. In order to brush all your worries away, Lloyd Mats Company offers for its heavy plush mats a ten years warranty, more than you'll probably keep the current car model.

Lloyd Mats Velourtex

Lloyd Mats Velourtex Velourtex mats are a very special model, being designed to pamper its customers' senses. The texture is so soft and pleasant that you'll just fall in love with it as soon as you touch it. Beside this, Lloyd Mats has thought at all the practical needs of a car owner, so the velourtex mats answer perfectly to all specific concerns. It has multi-level layers on the back so it can anchor itself perfectly to the cars' floor and protect it from humidity and staining. It also has a matching design with the factory mats so that it will bind itself on all the specific devices and fill all the gaps. Because the Lloyd Mats Company has a license for almost all car models that are sold in the USA, you can ask for any floor mat design that you need to match your vehicle and select one of the ten OEM colors their catalog has to offer. Also, you can ask for a customized logo of your liking, since the Lloyd Mats Company has developed a really wide variety of choices for you to pick from. To make things even more attractive, velourtex mats have matching woven bindings so that elegance will keep the pace with utility and all tastes will be satisfied.

Lloyd Mats Truberber

Lloyd Mats Truberber Cars, SUVs, trucks, they will all benefit from Lloyd Mats Truberber, a type of floor mats that combine with excellent ease the beauty and quality of the materials with the toughness and practicality they need to ensure. The truberber mats have five combined colors that will help match your car interior easier than with a monochromic model. These are mats that can sustain more dirt and will show less stains than others because of their color mix, so they would be great choices for families with little children or pets. They will also be a wise option for company cars that have many different drivers. The Lloyd Mats Truberbers are also the heaviest berber mats on the market, weighting 48 ounces; this ensures a good stability on the floor of your vehicle. The texture of the truberber floor mats is unique, having a blend of polypropylene and nylon that increases the durability of the mat through the crush resistance of the nylon and the strength of the polypropylene fiber. Because the pride of owning a strong, beautiful car is a general trait of car owners, Lloyd Mats Company offers for all its floor mats the logo and emblems it has license for and the personalized ones to make its customers feel special. In order to top all these advantages with reliability, the company offers a five years warranty for its truberber mats.

Lloyd Mats RubberTite

Lloyd Mats RubberTite These are the big guns that Lloyd Mats Company brings out to the floor mats world. RubberTite mats are designed to fit almost any car, truck, SUV or van and are especially created to withstand all kinds of dirt, messy substances or liquids. The surface of this kind of mats is covered with little round "pools" with two distinct roles: to collect dirt and humidity and to keep you from slipping when you get in or out of the vehicle. Because these are mats especially designed for extreme conditions, you'll find them resistant and flexible even in subfreezing temperatures and very easy to clean. The dirt or other staining substances are easily removed because of the round "wells" that don't retain anything. The back of the floor mats is equally well designed to the other Lloyd Mats models and remains in place no matter what. Even if these mats are built to withstand a rough time, the manufacturers still thought of keeping the esthetics. The RubberTite floor mats have a modern design and cover the floor of the vehicle they're made for perfectly and are available in four colors: black, grey, tan or crystal clear. Although they're maybe not your sport car's mats of choice, this model can be your trustworthy companion in a difficult environment.

Lloyd Mats Protector

Lloyd Mats Protector When a messy business needs to be done, Lloyd Mats Protector is what you want. This model is a very good option when you have some expensive, well maintained floor mats and you don't want to stain them; the mats protector from Lloyd Mats is designed to match any car model, having over 5000 different designs. It also covers the entire floor, so no spilled liquid or lost drops will reach your mats or the floor for that matter. Because it is very common to need to transport some materials that can stain your trunk, Lloyd Mats have thought of that too, so there are a wide variety of trunk and cargo area protectors. Preservation of the original mats is very well covered, but the customers still demand style, so the Lloyd Mats Protector is made from a clear vinyl material that lets the floor mat show its color. In fact, the protective layer is just like a thin, yet heavy film well stuck in the mat's material, that keeps the dirt away. It also has a no slippery surface to protect you from any possible accidents. In order to clean the protective layer you only need to take the floor mats out of the car, take off the protector, rinse it and dry it before storing it away. Put back the floor mat in the car and everything is clean again and the colors remain fresh for a longer period of time.