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Mercury is a division of Ford Motor Company marketed as being somewhat more upscale than Ford. Throughout the latter part of its 71-year history, Mercury's vehicles were essentially Fords with unique styling details and special features meant to enhance desirability. However, this limited-scope strategy led to a diminishing market share over the years as shoppers found little reason to choose a Mercury. By the time it was discontinued in late 2010, Mercury was but a shell of its former self.

It all started in the 1930s, when Edsel Ford, Henry Ford's son, saw an opportunity to create an additional brand within the Ford hierarchy, one that would slot vehicles between the everyman Ford Deluxes and premium Lincoln Zephyrs. To achieve this, Edsel felt the vehicles of this new brand should offer distinctive styling along with innovative features and better capabilities. He named the new division "Mercury," after the Roman mythological god. The 1939 Mercury Eight was the division's first car. It distinguished itself from similar Ford products thanks to a 95-horsepower engine that offered 10 more horses than the Ford V8.

Floor Mats