Rubber vs. carpet floor mats: 5 differences

Though floor mats might seem inconspicuous and insignificant accessories, their importance in your car cannot be underestimated. After all, floor mats are designed to protect against dirt, mud, snow, spills, etc. When it comes to design, there are two polar opposite opinions. Some drivers believe that a floor mat should be a hardly noticeable accessory, blending with your car's interior. Others think that mats should draw attention and emphasize their vehicle's style. Therefore, some drivers prefer simple rubber mats, while others favor luxurious carpet floor mats. Yet, these kinds of floor mats are really so different. That is why CARiD, one of the biggest automotive accessories and parts stores in the US, is here with a quick review of rubber versus carpet-style mats.

Carpet Floor Mat

Floor mats look and feel

Obviously, the most conspicuous difference between rubber and carpet mats is the way they look. Whereas the first type is appropriate for trucks, it is hardly possible to imagine simple rubber floor mats in a luxurious sports vehicle. It can take a long time to dwell on this subject, and the best thing to do to get this point loud and clear would be to check out a selection of luxurious floor mats at

Mats durability

However, despite their attractive look, carpet floor mats are considered as less durable in comparison to rubber floor mats. Most drivers mistakenly believe that a carpet floor mat is prone to wear out after a couple of months in a car. Yet, this point appears to be poorly grounded. In fact, many carpet floor mats are specifically designed to ensure excellent protection in various weather conditions. In addition, modern car carpets are also resistant to high temperatures, so if you accidentally spill hot liquid on your carpet floor mat, high temperature will not damage it.

Floor mats cleaning

Speaking of spilling liquids, one should as well consider mat cleaning. Surely, one of the obvious advantages of a rubber mat is the ability to simply rinse stains with water. On the contrary, cleaning a carpet mat will not be so easy. Yet, the good news is that stains on many luxurious car mats can also be rinsed off. Plus, some of them are made of stain-proof materials, which facilitates your cleaning. So, in other words cleaning carpet floor mats is much less time-consuming than one may think.

Rubber Floor Mat

Mat protection

Another important thing to consider is how effectively a mat protects your vehicle's floor from dirt, snow, dust, and mud. Even though there is no chance that something will penetrate through the surface of rubber floor mats, they are still vulnerable at the corners. Since rubber is typically a highly rigid material, some rubber mats have a flat design and do not offer complete floor protection, which makes it possible for dust and dirt to creep underneath. Carpet mats are softer and can be curved for better protection.

Mats installation

Finally, any floor mat, whether it is a rubber or carpet one, should be easy to install and remove. Technically, there is no difference between two types of mats here. Most rubber mats are heavy-duty, whereas carpet mats are light and soft, and installation of both types is as easy as abc. As you can see, both rubber and carpet-style floor mats have their advantages and disadvantages. Carpet-style mats are easy to take care of, which is why one should not be put off by a common myth that carpet floor mats are high maintenance. Plainly speaking, there is no huge difference for an average driver, so if you want your car to look cozy and stylish, you should better choose in favor of luxurious soft mats. Plus, if after purchasing and installing a new floor mat you see that your car interior requires further customization, feel free to browse through our selection of stylish and affordable car accessories at

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